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wtorek, 8 czerwca 2010


Some T-34 tanks in the people's democracies were installed as memorials of war. Monument Tank T-34/85 in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz), was the target of the 1980 bombing that caused minor damage to the vehicle and killing the nearby windows. Josef Kneifel assassin was sentenced to life imprisonment in Bautzen. He was released after the agreement with the government of West Germany in 1987.
After German reunification in 1990 the tank was transferred to a museum in Ingolstadt.

Another tank, placed on top of the monument to Soviet tank in Prague, has been the subject of serious controversy.
The monument, also known locally as "The Holy Tank," was intended to issue T-34/85 tank sergeant Gonczarenki IG, the first Soviet vehicle that drove into Prague in May 1945. For many in Prague tank was the memory of the Soviet invasion that ended the Prague Spring in 1968. The vehicle was painted by the artist David Cerny in 1991.
After an official protest of the Russian government Cerny was arrested, and the tank was imposed official green paint.
Following public demonstrations vehicle repainted in pink with the approval of the fifteen members of parliament.
Eventually the tank was removed from public view and transferred to a military museum.

Another T-34 painted in a pink tank is located on a street of Nelson Mandela in London.

In the popular television series Four Tank Men and a Dog on the novel by Janusz Przymanowskiego heroes just used a T-34 102 named Rudy, who later became one of the icons of Polish national culture. (This is a topic for a separate post)

The ongoing political crisis for months, centered around a scandal in the office of Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány (2006), reached the peak during the official fiftieth anniversary of the Hungarian revolution of 1956.
The protesters managed to run an unarmed tank T-34, which was part of an exhibition of memory and used it in riots against the police. The tank lost fuel at a few hundred meters, and directing him not caused any injuries among the people

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