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niedziela, 6 czerwca 2010

Combat effectiveness part II

T-34 tank was not ergonomic, despite some improvements during the war.
All versions of the guns of up to 76 mm tankmen very hindered because of the narrow double tower system.
Visibility in the battlefield commander was poor.
Opening to the outside hatch enforces on him watching the battle through a single crack in a visual and a periscope.
It also had to serve an additional function - the gunner.
In contrast, most contemporary American and German medium tanks, had much better for the triple towers
gunner and
Layout of three judges allowed the tower tank commander to concentrate on proving his crew and coordinating its activities with the rest of his body, without coercion targeting separate tasks.
This was of great importance for the effectiveness of the crew.
Designers T-34/85 repaired a problem that was recognized before the war.
Many German commanders liked to raise the seat in the tank and behind the hatch to observe the battlefield. In versions of T-34 equipped with a working 76 mm it was impossible.
T-34/85 tank tower with a dome that allows commanders to multilateral vision.

Visibility from the driver's seat was poor. Narrow scope of vision adversely influenced his tactical ability.

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